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When it comes to recovery, to relief of pain, no one is exactly like you. We know. Over the decades, we have seen thousands of people, our Brooklyn neighbors. Each is different in the quality, or quantity, or location of pain or injury. Each has a different way of life that has impacted them.

That’s why Park Sports treats each of you with individual attention and care. And top of the line expertise. It’s why world-class institutions like the Hospital for Special Surgery and Mt. Sinai recommend us. So that you can get back faster to the things you love to do. And stay healthy once you are there.

Everyone is different. But at Park Sports everyone gets the same elite, top-quality, neighborhood care. To us, it’s personal.


Testimonials & Reviews

  • Sandra G.

    Nicole at Union Street has been helping me with hip, back, and neck problems. She is miraculous! I was barely walking when I started with her in October. Now I am about to resume ballet. It is a long, slow process and includes lots of 'homework' if you want to make progress. The people I meet there are most congenial. I highly recommend her for physical therapy of any kind. She is very professional and knowledgable.
  • Following shoulder surgery, I began physical therapy with Boris, and over the next few months saw steady improvement as he and his staff helped me get back to normal. He knows what he's doing, can explain it clearly, has a warm and pleasant manner, and has a caring, well-trained team. I would highly recommend Park Sports.
  • Joshua S.

    Very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, fits well in the neighborhood. Received lots of one on one attention and they're very willing to work with your schedule. Accepts workers comp.
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  • The winner is you, our patients! Park Sports Physical Therapy is thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with Ivy Rehab Network.  Ivy Rehab, an elite network of the nation’s top physical, occupational and speech and ABA therapists, will bring exciting benefits to Park Sports patients. To symbolize this partnership, readers will have noticed a […]

  • Originated in Japan where it was known as “kaatsu training” which means “training with added pressure”. A method of exercising the muscle by partially reducing arterial blood flow. A venous return is fully stopped in this method. It is achieved by partially occluding the vasculature above the muscle. This method essentially accelerates rehabilitation protocol by […]

  • Gait training is a type of physical therapy that can improve many people’s ability to stand and walk. Doctors will likely prescribe gait training to people suffering from an injury or illness that affects their ability to get around normally. Gait training is known to help strengthen muscle and joints, improve balance and posture, help […]

  • Are you feeling back pain from cycling? Given how hard your legs work when you’re on your bike, it’s natural to assume that your knees would be most vulnerable to a cycling injury. However, research suggests that the biggest culprit is not knee pain but lower back pain! Let’s discuss why cyclists are suffering from […]

  • Triathletes are great at many things, but after all the time they spend running, riding, and swimming, they might forget something important – strength training. Strength training for triathletes can be a significant advantage for several reasons. In addition to its performance benefits, we think that strength training also plays an active role in keeping […]

  • In this post I will discuss Overpronation and Orthotic for runners. During my 30 years of practice as a sports physical therapist, I encountered many runners with afflictions that they attributed to overpronation or flat feet: plantar fasciitis, shin splints, tendinitis, and knee pain, to name a few. A question that is commonly asked: are […]

  • Running is one of the most popular ways to improve and maintain fitness, and more than 40 million Americans run on a regular basis to stay in shape. Though running is a great way to keep active, runners across the country deal with an injury at some point in time. Many running injuries are caused […]

  • We know that staying fit over the winter means you’re more likely to spend time exercising in the gym or at home than outside. However, there are benefits to exercising outdoors in the winter that the gym can’t provide – and with the pandemic still not under control, the gym might not be an option. […]

  • Autumn is usually a time when runners start training for marathon season. Training can be an arduous process, and it requires participants to be in top shape to complete the entire race. With the pandemic still affecting our daily lives, especially in more prominent and populous areas, athletic events like the New York City Marathon […]

  • Common Cycling Injuries Can Be Avoided. Most common cycling injuries can be avoided. Unfortunately, we do not have full control of sudden impact injuries; accidents happen. Covid-19 changed our transportation habits.  With more cyclists on the road, there are more chances of car-to-bike accidents and bike crashes. The lowest cost and the simplest way to […]

  • Brooklyn’s own Park Sports Physical Therapy is expanding its in-person hours and as always, your safety is uppermost on our minds.  Park Sports has stepped up our already-strict precautions for staff, our clinics’ physical environment, and follow strict CDC guidelines for your own health and safety during the COVID-19  pandemic.   We have made every possible […]

  • Worried that an injury will bring a screeching halt to the runs you enjoy and depend on? It’s the last activity gym-goers can enjoy during the COVID-19 crisis, so running is more important to you than ever.  There’s good news: you can do much to stay healthy, keep running, and even hone your fitness. Physical […]

  • Do you know that Physical Therapy can improve respiratory health? Park Sports is introducing a pulmonary rehabilitation program. Physical therapy is not often thought of as a remedy for complications following COVID-19. Pulmonary Physical Therapy can help to improve the fitness of your respiratory function. The team at Park Sports Physical Therapy is ready to […]

  • Social distancing during the COVID-19 epidemic has hampered the activity of most athletes. Whether it is the literal closure of gyms and certain portions of public parks, or simply the anxiety centered around going outside, staying active has become increasingly difficult. Runners are no exception to this rule.  However, for runners, it is still possible […]

  • This blog post is written by Samira Panjaki, PT, DPT What is telehealth for pelvic floor physical therapy? Pelvic floor physical therapy can be used to treat a variety of symptoms in both men and women. Conditions range from sexual pain to urinary and fecal incontinence. While an in office visit is the ideal way […]

  • This blog post is written by Kristin Romeo PT, DPT, OCS, Certified Schroth Practitioner.   Kristin Romeo, PT, DPT, OCS Home programs are an important part of the Physical Therapy regimen for those with Scoliosis. Integrating safe movements and strengthening exercises into your daily routine helps keep your body strong and stable. Below is a […]

  • We at Park Sports Physical Therapy had the privilege of hosting and participating in a wonderful manual therapy course titled The Essential Spinal Seminar. Below I am excited to share some information about the “Maitland Australian Physiotherapy Seminars” or MAPS, what “manual therapy” means in the context of physical therapy, and our experience overall.  A […]

  • In the context of physical therapy, massage therapy, orthopedics and other clinical settings, you may have heard the term Trigger Point being used to explain the cause of some of your symptoms. Today, we are going to focus on what these trigger points are, how they might contribute to some of the symptoms you may […]

  • Physical Therapy in times of Coronavirus is challenging, but our Park Slope location is open and we continue to provide services. Physical Therapy is an essential business. Our providers prioritize your safety while we are working toward your recovery. We have implemented aggressive screening techniques before each patient visit. We are constantly monitoring information about […]

  • “Telehealth” is a buzz word that has been getting a lot of attention lately, and we believe, for the right reasons! Telehealth is an innovative way to make high quality care more accessible to patients. Park Sports is thrilled to announce that we are now able to serve orthopedic, post-operative, and pelvic floor needs through […]