Breathing Fit with Pulmonary Physical Therapy

Pulmonary Physical Therapist Explaining Use of Spirometer

Your breathing fitness is critical today, and Park Sports is ready with expert support. This important program can benefit people who have recovered from COVID-19 and any client who wants to strengthen his or her respiratory health. Our advanced team of clinicians at Park Sports is ready to rise to the occasion to improve the quality of life not only of our patients, but the Brooklyn community at large.

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Who can benefit from Pulmonary Physical Therapy?

People who have recovered from COVID-19 often face fatigue, weakness, and shortness of breath. But these and other respiratory-related symptoms can also affect a wide range of people, including those with:

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Asthma
  • Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Cystic Fibrosis

Even apart from illness, respiratory health is a matter of everyday wellness, especially as we age. According to the American Lung Association,

...Lungs, just like your heart, joints, and other parts of your body, age with time. They can become less flexible and lose their strength, which can make it more difficult to breathe. But by adopting certain healthy habits, you can better maintain the health of your lungs, and keep them working optimally even into your senior years.

With the well-being of our community in mind, we believe now is the time to tend to your pulmonary health. Physical Therapists, as part of a cross-disciplinary healthcare team, have the advanced skills to help.

Pulmonary Physical Therapy is a Part of a Comprehensive Approach

As part of a team, Pulmonary Physical Therapists consider all aspects of your well-being, working closely with your physician, exercise physiologist and dietician. Behavioral modification and emotional support play an equally important role in respiratory health services. Our Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program here at Park Sports concentrates on specific stretches, exercise training for the muscles involved in ventilation and postural rehabilitation.

How Do I Start with the Pulmonary Physical Therapy Program?

You can begin your Pulmonary Physical Therapy without a doctor's prescription, since the therapy legally qualifies for Direct Access. Simply contact Park Sports to make an appointment or give us a call at our main number (718) 230-1180.

Once in the office, a Pulmonary Physical Therapist will have access to any basic function tests of your lungs and heart. For example, we will assess the results of your spirometry test, which measures the amounts of air you can forcefully exhale after taking a deep breath.

The Pulmonary rehabilitation program now begins, like any other Physical Therapy treatment, starting with a review of your medical history and a thorough initial examination. The therapist examines the results of all available tests, evaluates your breathing pattern and designs a unique treatment plan. These steps assure that you will receive the personalized care which is our hallmark.

What Happens in Pulmonary Physical Therapy?

Typically, treatment includes:

  • Individualized Aerobic exercises to improve endurance and strength
  • Breathing techniques to increase oxygen level
  • Relaxation exercises to improve air flow.
  • Activity modification to address all aspects of pulmonary well being
  • Manual Therapy to increase rib expansion
  • Postural re-education
  • Stretches and core strengthening exercises

Working and living in the Brooklyn community for decades, we at Park Sports are concerned, especially now, about the respiratory health of our patients. We are available to help.

How to Make Appointment for Pulmonary Physical Therapy

You may call our main number (718) 230-1180. Our friendly and diligent front desk will verify your coverage and schedule and appointment within 24 hours. Or, you may request an appointment online. Want more information? Just ask.