Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Post COVID-19 Recovery

Do you know that Physical Therapy can improve respiratory health? Park Sports is introducing a pulmonary rehabilitation program. Physical therapy is not often thought of as a remedy for complications following COVID-19. Pulmonary Physical Therapy can help to improve the fitness of your respiratory function. The team at Park Sports Physical Therapy is ready to step in by providing vital support to patients recovering from COVID-19.

For cases of COVID-19 that are more serious, long-term respiratory damage is a common after-effect.  Those recovering from COVID-19 may find that their lung-function is impaired to various extent. Some patients become winded from light activity, such as brisk walking. The pulmonary rehabilitation program at Park Sports aims to alleviate some of the residual effects that patients who have suffered from the Coronavirus may experience. Luckily, most cases are mild and the breathing issues are easily addressed through Physical Therapy. One significant advantage of a supervised breathing program is that it can be effectively performed in the safety of your home via Telehealth. Our skilled therapists at Park Sports employ a variety of techniques to help you bounce back from the residual effects of COVID-19 faster by teaching you how to engage your respiratory muscles. Those techniques include but are not limited to diaphragmatic breathing, visualization, biofeedback, and relaxation. 

Our mission at Park Sports Physical Therapy, located all across Brooklyn, New York, is to assist you in the rehabilitation process following severe cases of COVID-19. Whether you are suffering from long-term respiratory impairment because of a chronic lung condition, or as a result of the novel Coronavirus, our practice has you covered. Click Here to find out more about our team of highly qualified therapists. Our community-driven team of highly-educated therapists is here to aid you through your recovery process. 

Pulmonary physical therapy might include:

Pulmonary physical therapy is available not only for those recovering from COVID-19, however. It can also assist those suffering from the following conditions and symptoms:


If you find that you have any of these conditions or symptoms, and/or have contracted COVID-19, check-in with your doctor to see if pulmonary physical therapy might be the right thing for you. The data has made it conclusive that pulmonary physical therapy is very effective for treating these conditions and symptoms. Pulmonary physical therapy has been proven to improve respiratory muscle strength, endurance, lung capacity/function, and breathing capabilities.

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