Workers’ Compensation

Physical Therapists from Park Sports PT working with patients


Return to work with Workers’ Compensation rehabilitation from Park Sports PT. Worker’s Compensation can make it possible for you to rehabilitate and return to work if you have been injured in the workplace, . Finding the right team to guide your rehabilitation is vital to a successful recovery. Our team at Park Sports Physical Therapy is comprised of licensed physical therapists with experience treating many types of work-related injuries and therapists with additional certification in Functional Capacity Evaluation.

Worker back to work after rehabilitation


Park Sports Physical Therapy can provide a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) to help determine if an individual is physically ready to meet the demands of their job and work environment. A Functional Capacity Evaluation is a scientifically developed, objective process to measure a worker’s physical capabilities and endurance.

Performed by a licensed physical therapist.
The FCE is performed by a licensed Park Sports Physical Therapist who holds an additional certification in Functional Capacity Evaluation. Our certified functional evaluators utilize standardized, high-validity protocols that produce reliable, timely and trustworthy reports to the Worker’s Compensation client.

Goals of Functional Capacity Evaluation.

  1. Determine patient’s current functional level and predict a probability of re-injury;
  2. Provide concise, peer-reviewed reports to shed insight into the legal questions surrounding a particular case;
  3. Define an individual’s parameters for safety that are job specific;
  4. Provide information on the reliability of a client’s pain-reporting and physical effort.

Scientific Value.

Park Sports certified functional evaluators administer a Functional Capacity Evaluation that is reliability-tested, peer-reviewed and legally defensible.


At Park Sports Physical Therapy we know that each injured workers rehabilitation process is unique. We customize care to the specific needs of the injured worker and their employer.  We do this because we understand the importance of the relationship between the physicians, insurance companies, nurse case managers and employers. As a result, all Park Sports programs are designed to return you back to work efficiently and safely. In addition, we give you the information and education to help you prevent further injury. At the conclusion of treatment, an at home strategy will be implemented to help you continue your rehabilitation and remain work ready. We look at our relationship as a partnership in your health where your peace of mind, body, and ability to physically perform your job is a top priority.