Advanced Hip Joint Rehabilitation

Advanced Hip Joint Boris Gilzon

Hip Joint Pain?

Your hip joint is in constant demand. Think of the movements you make throughout your day for instance. Hip joint function is a 24/7 necessity whether sitting, walking, or running. Hip joints, muscles, cartilage, and tendons require demanding use. Eventually they can become injured. The most common cause of pain is a direct hip injury.  However, there are many issues that can cause life-changing discomfort. Most causes of hip pain can be remedied by a licensed physical therapist at Park Sports Physical Therapy.

Who Suffers From Hip Pain?

There is no age barrier for hip pain. Degenerative joint conditions is a common cause of hip pain in older adults. But hip pain is not always associated with arthritic changes. For example, adolescents involved in competitive sports and middle-aged weekend warriors are susceptible to injury and pain. Hip pain is affecting a younger population more than ever before. So, if you are feeling pain in your hip, it is important to get evaluated. Research shows that certain disorders lead to degenerative diseases of the hip. This can be prevented or slowed with early intervention however. Now, a new field called “hip preservation” has emerged.  Specialized physical therapists play an important role in this new area.

Park Sports Physical Therapists are hip joint experts. We have certified Advanced Hip Clinicians on staff ready to work with you.

Running Hip Injuries

Working with a Park Sports Advanced Hip Clinician.

We are Hospital for Special Surgery Tested.

Advances in imaging and an increase in sports related hip injuries has brought new insights into hip joint treatments. As a result, treatment from specialized and certified physical therapists are best to help remedy hip pain.  Park Sports Physical Therapists now have the added qualification of an Advanced Hip Clinician. This further certifies our expertise in the hip joint. The Advanced Hip Clinicians title is awarded to a Physical Therapist who receives training and has passed an examination administered by Hospital for Special Surgery.  We now offer our clients one of the most advanced hip pain physical therapy programs in New York.

What to Expect when you Visit our Advanced Hip Clinician.

At Park Sports Physical Therapy, we understand the importance of your decision to seek help. Your improved health is our goal. As a result, we will perform a thorough evaluation of your daily physical activities. We will also perform a detailed physical examination. Together, this information will help your therapist design a personalized evidence-based approach to treat your hip pain.

Diagnosed with a Hip Dysfunction.

Hip Dysfunction can be caused by a number of reasons.  Activity modification and addressing abnormal movement patterns is a primary goal in alleviating the hip pain. It is also the beginning of hip joint preservation. Avoidance of certain positions or changing your exercise habits will be discussed with your therapist. Removing pain from your life is life changing. It is our goal to alleviate your current pain and help you to prevent additional discomfort.

Post Hip Surgery, Arthroscopy or Total Hip Replacement.

Advanced Hip Clinicians at Park Sports Physical Therapy will gently guide you through the stages of your post-operative recovery. We closely follow post-surgical protocols in total cooperation with your surgical team. As your partner, we make sure you meet all of your surgical hallmarks and achieve your individual goals.

Long-Term Planning.

Long Term Hip Care with hip stretches

Our mission is helping you to live a pain free life after therapy. Long-term planning will help you achieve this shared goal. During therapy, hip pain is addressed through the Physical Therapy modalities.  These include soft tissue techniques and joint mobilization. In the end, Long-term recovery is best achieved through empowering you, our patient.  A comprehensive home exercise program will be devised and modified as your hip pain recovery  progresses.  So, when you have completed your physical therapy program at Park Sports, you will have a plan to continue your therapy at home.  Of course, we will always be here for you to discuss your home therapy and make modifications if necessary.

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