Telehealth for Brooklyn-based Physical Therapy

“Telehealth” is a buzz word that has been getting a lot of attention lately, and we believe, for the right reasons! Telehealth is an innovative way to make high quality care more accessible to patients. Park Sports is thrilled to announce that we are now able to serve orthopedic, post-operative, and pelvic floor needs through a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform. All our clinicians are available for the video appointmentTelehealth Physical Therapy in Brooklyn


How It Works

Call our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our well-respected Doctors of Physical Therapy. A friendly receptionist will help to verify your insurance coverage and set up a time slot. You will receive an invitation link with your scheduled appointment time, which will also provide any pre-appointment instructions. Make sure that you have good internet access and are in a safe place to perform exercises! Once you are in your virtual session, your provider will assess your injury and create a treatment plan. They will then provide home exercises and help to answer any questions, as well as make follow up appointments. To learn more about it please visit the American Physical Therapy Association webpage 


Why Telehealth

  •     Easy to use high quality digital and audio platform
  •     Great for individuals who cannot leave their homes
  •     Ensures safety and prevents exposure to anyone who may be sick
  •     Decreases long wait times for in-person care
  •     Assists in acute injuries such as spraining an ankle
  •     For chronic injuries such as long term low back pain
  •      It allows the provider to monitor home programs in real home environments.
  •     Provides access to large groups such as sports teams


Moving Forward

While treating virtually does not completely take the place of in-person care, during times of environmental constraints such as the Covid-19 pandemic, it allows us to better help you on your road to recovery. Your safety and healing have always been, and will always be, our number one priority at Park Sports! Telehealth is clearly an excellent tool to ensure continuity of care and may even lead to creative ways of thinking about care delivery in the future. Call us to trial the Telehealth platform today!


Written by Lacey Salberg, PT, DPT