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Rated 4.9/5 based on 17 customer reviews
"I'm so grateful to Genya Royfman for all of the hard work and care she put into rehabing my shoulder. I showed up with a frozen shoulder and a lot of pain---and left with full range of motion. In between, I received excellent care from a kind, funny, dedicated therapist."
Jan 07, 2020
"I worked with all three therapists at 6th Avenue and found them all to be very helpful and considerate of my healing process. They listen well and make excellent suggestions for home exercises too. "
Feb 20, 2019
"I highly recommend Park Sports Physical Therspy. I saw 5 different therapists when I prepared for my knee replacement. My operstion was a huge success, anda my said that my prehab Was a very impotant factor."
Feb 12, 2019
"Physical therapy with Edward Umheiser provided amazing results that were faster than my wildest expectations. I came in to get PT for a foot injury that for months had left me unable to do most usual activities. The sessions, exercises, and advice that Edward gave me resulted in remarkable improvements--my foot got stronger and regained its range of motion, with steady, observable results nearly every day. After months of being immobilized, I'm back to running, dancing, and climbing after just a few weeks of PT sessions with Edward. I would *highly* recommend him to anyone in need of physical therapy."
Aug 22, 2018
"A lovely relaxed environment for healing - open plan and open-hearted. I felt that my injury was understood and the exercises I was given to do on location and then later at home made a huge difference to my recovery. The actual treatments I received - massage, sound waves and others, all sped up the recovery process too. All the advice given was excellent. I was treated by Allison Sanchez-Masi who was professional, compassionate and very clear. I would throughly recommend this clinic for healing your injuries. It is a pleasant walk from the subway. "
Jul 21, 2018
"I had carpal tunnel & trigger release surgery on 3 fingers in January. The atmosphere at the Prospect Park location is welcoming & upbeat from the moment you walk in. Very pleasant space. Moussia was my OT & she is amazing. I couldn’t have picked a better place or OT for my recovery .I have complicating which made it a difficult recovery. Moussia is engaging very knowledgeable & full of energy. She was very supportive , encouraging & patient with me through my long recovery. She is very innovative , mixing up the excercises making the difficult tasks almost fun . I am now back at the gym, lifting weights & able to use my hand to do everything I did before surgery. I couldn’t have done it without her "
Jun 27, 2018
"Vertigo gone is one 20 minute session! Edward is fantastic, should have come sooner!"
Jun 11, 2018
"I went to the 6th avenue office for my severe case of vertigo. Edward was able to resolve the issue in just a single visit! I haven't had any dizziness in weeks! I wish I would have went sooner, because i've been living with this for over 3 years!"
Apr 16, 2018
"My experience at Park Slope Physical Therapy has been nothing but great! the treatment I received is among the highest if not thee highest in quality and professionalism that i have had. My personal therapist, whom I will only name as "Moe", has brought me from a partially disabled E.M.T. to a fully functioning life saver! For this I am truly grateful! Thank you for all that you have done! "
Apr 12, 2018
"After hand surgery, Moussia returned my hand to full strength and mobility, enabling me to resume piano, photography, fine carpentry, gardening, and dog walking and grooming! Moussia is a very competent, experienced and necessarily insistent professional with a delightful inquisitive, supportive personality and a genuine concern for her patients as they recover. I could not be more pleased. "
Mar 27, 2018
"Attentive tailored support Pleasant environment Always on time Kind, patient, interesting therapists"
Sep 08, 2017
"If there were more stars I would give them. I travel more than 45 mins to come to Therapy with Kristin because I'm so happy here. I've been getting stronger and my back has been feeling so much better. I'm able to do things now that I couldn't do before. I recommend Kristin to all my friends and family."
Jun 20, 2017
"I completed physical therapy here after spraining my ankle. I worked with Dean at the Clinton Hill branch and had a very positive experience. He is extremely skilled, knowledgeable, attentive, and was very helpful with answering all of my questions. My strength, balance, flexibility, and ability to return to daily activities and exercise improved tremendously after completing PT here. The front desk staff was also friendly and helpful, and the facility is clean and well equipped. Overall, I'd definitely recommend Park Sports Physical Therapy."
Jun 03, 2017
"I am very pleased with my experiences at Park Sports. Every therapist I worked with at the Fulton St. location was excellent. John and Dean weren't just skilled physical therapists, they were genuine and supportive people, the kind of people who would go the extra mile for you. The high quality facilities at the Fulton St. location are important as well. It was always a clean friendly environment. If you need physical therapy, I strongly recommend Park Sports Physical Therapy."
Jun 01, 2017
"I have found that Dean's therapy/exercises has lessened the pain in my back when doing my chores. He has been beyond excellent. I have made such a huge improvement. The entire team is kind and always willing to help. I highly recommend that everyone comes here."
May 30, 2017
"This is probably one of the best physical therapy offices I have been to since my car accident. The staff at Park Sport (Fulton Street) have been very professional, patient and empathetic when treating my injured hand. Would highly recommend this PT office to anyone. Alicia is kind and organized - she's always on point when it comes to my medical records!"
May 11, 2017
"Nicole at Union Street has been helping me with hip, back, and neck problems. She is miraculous! I was barely walking when I started with her in October. Now I am about to resume ballet. It is a long, slow process and includes lots of "homework" if you want to make progress. The people I meet there are most congenial. I highly recommend her for physical therapy of any kind. She is very professional and knowledgable."
Apr 10, 2017