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The Park Sports team of talented therapists is at the heart of our success.  We understand that the deep and attentive relationship between a therapist and patient is what makes us tick. 
As a team we are mutually supportive, treat every patient with respect, and have pride in our collective expertise and accomplishments. We strive to be a place where people love to work, expand professionally, make friends, and advance in the company.  And we can’t help mentioning our pride in Park Sports modern, bright and sunny–and entirely COVID-19 safe— facilities located park side and in other attractive locations.
Read on to discover how Park Sports:

  • Sets you up for success
  • Promotes a culture of learning
  • Delivers full and competitive benefits and perks

Setting you up for success
From the day you begin at Park Sports, we make every effort to ensure your success, make your mark, at the pace you need. 
Your client load starts slowly, as you find your place in the team, and increases gradually over time. Patient sessions average about 40 minutes, with appreciation for the time it takes to educate, and continue building trust with your clients. 
You will work with a mentor for a period of time that is appropriate for you.  
A culture of learning
Park Sports aims to create an ongoing culture of learning, where you may consistently sharpen your skills.  Regular workshops and seminars give you access to specialized experience, such as our programs in pediatrics, hand therapy, women’s health, adolescent and adult scoliosis, runners health, and many more.  
Third party events are held at our facilities, with participation of staff.  We are pleased to sponsor internships. 
We are always listening, to ideas and work issues. We try hard to identify and nurture the individual strengths of each staff member. 
Benefits and perks
As a part of our team you will receive:
* A full and competitive benefits package
* Unlimited Medbridge Continuing Education opportunities
* Yearly stipend for continuing education
* Teaching and program development opportunities
* Participation in mentoring programs
* Annual continuing education allowance 
* Manual Workshops 
Consider Park Sports
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