Vestibular Rehabilitation Services

Inner Ear

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy deals with the treatment of the central nervous system related to the central balance center of the inner ear. When problems related to the inner ear occur, most patients experience trouble with their own equilibrium, and display many varied symptoms such as, nausea, loss of balance, sudden loss of coordination, or gait disturbances. Often people immediately associate these symptoms with dizziness or vertigo - the sensation of spinning.

Vestibular rehabilitation uses physical therapy techniques including positional maneuvers, oculomotor exercises, balance retraining and motion tolerance exercises to treat vertigo and balance disorders. Persons who suffer from vertigo, dizziness or a sense of imbalance or experienced a head injury or concussion often benefit from vestibular rehabilitation. Additionally, persons with limited mobility, difficulty walking, a history of falls or a fear of falling will benefit from this highly specialized service.