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  • Sandra G.

    Nicole at Union Street has been helping me with hip, back, and neck problems. She is miraculous! I was barely walking when I started with her in October. Now I am about to resume ballet. It is a long, slow process and includes lots of 'homework' if you want to make progress. The people I meet there are most congenial. I highly recommend her for physical therapy of any kind. She is very professional and knowledgable.
  • Following shoulder surgery, I began physical therapy with Boris, and over the next few months saw steady improvement as he and his staff helped me get back to normal. He knows what he's doing, can explain it clearly, has a warm and pleasant manner, and has a caring, well-trained team. I would highly recommend Park Sports.
  • Joshua S.

    Very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, fits well in the neighborhood. Received lots of one on one attention and they're very willing to work with your schedule. Accepts workers comp.
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  • Moussia Fitting a Custom Splint on Patient

    Written by Moussia Krinsky-Raskin, MS, OTR/L Edited by Alex Ariza Occupational Therapist and Hand Specialist, Moussia shares her professional expertise in treating broken wrists. I want you to close your eyes. Envision yourself walking down the street, admiring the surroundings, then suddenly you lose your footing. Instinctively, what do you do? To brace yourself for […]

  • Nicole Liquori, DPT treating patient with hip pain.

    Written by Boris Gilzon, PT, DPT, OCS, CHT & Alex Ariza Physical Therapists play an essential role in the nonsurgical treatment of hip pain. Two of the most common conditions associated with hip pain are labral tears and hip impingement. Labral Tears Labral tears occur when the labrum, which is the cartilage that comes between […]

  • Treating Tendonitis for Rock Climber

    Written by Alex Ariza Reviewed by Moussia Krinsky-Raskin, OTR/L Sports injuries can occur from many different kinds of physical activities. This post will focus on how our occupational and physical therapists approach treating tendonitis, specifically for rock climbers feeling elbow, forearm, and finger pain. Rock climbing is a very demanding sport requiring a lot of […]

  • Male Pelvic Health

    Written by Alex Ariza Reviewed by Irene Hernandez, PT, DPT Everyone has pelvic floor muscles. So why is it that almost all information relating to pelvic floor therapy focus solely on women? There are obvious reasons why Pelvic Floor Therapy is normally associated with women’s health issues. For starters, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is far more prevalent […]

  • Health Insurance 2018

    Dear Patients, With the new year approaching, changes to your health insurance policy may occur. These changes may affect your current payment plan. If you have an insurance plan with deductible policies – please be aware that your accumulations will reset for the new year. This means your deductibles will have to be met again […]

  • Shohei Ohtani UCL Injury

    Written by Boris Gilzon, PT, DPT, OCS, CHT and Alex Ariza If you’re a fan of baseball you may have heard that New Los Angeles Angels pitcher, Shohei Ohtani, has a damaged Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) in his pitching arm. This is bad news for Ohtani, as his career relies heavily on the function his […]

  • pelvic floor anatomy

    Written by Alex Ariza & Irene Hernandez, PT, DPT At Park Sports Physical Therapy we are always on the lookout for talented specialists who will be able to help our patients dealing with specific conditions and injuries. We would like to introduce you all to our newest pelvic floor therapist, Irene Hernandez, DPT Bowel dysfunction: […]

  • Race day is approaching. You put months of training and during that time, in ideal world, there would be no lingering soreness, no twinges. Are you worried about some long-standing maladies caused by overtraining? Do you think that there were other factors like body inefficiencies or misalignments that led to soreness, pain, even injury during your […]

  • Our Physical therapists are sports medicine specialists capable of effectively treating any sports-related injury. If you’re an athlete and you experience an injury while playing your sport, you’re probably looking for sports medicine treatment in Brooklyn. Regardless of the type of injury or the sport in which it occurred, though, the best option in every case […]

  • No matter what’s causing your non-specific back pain, our physical therapist will figure out the best way to address it. So, if you are searching for back pain treatment in Brooklyn, we encourage you to read the rest of this post to learn how we can help. Back Pain Treatment in Brooklyn is Something That Thousands […]

  • Did you search for acupuncture in Clinton Hill? Acupuncture can be helpful for managing your knee arthritis symptoms. In our last blog, we explained what acupuncture is and how it can be used to address a wide variety of painful conditions throughout the body.  When a physical therapist considers it to be appropriate, they will recommend […]

  • Are you looking for acupuncture in Bedford Stuyvesant? If other treatments fail to reduce your neck pain, you may want to consider acupuncture. If you’ve been following our past two blogs, by now you should be aware of just how effective acupuncture can be for patients who are in pain.  Neck pain is one of the […]

  • acupuncture Fort Greene

    Did you do a search for acupuncture Fort Greene?  If so, please read about our integrated treatment approach that is successful with so many of our patients.  Working together, we can provide you with a better treatment result and acupuncture just may be what you need. Acupuncture is a professional service that can help you […]

  • If using your hands is causing you pain, then we provide some of the best hand therapy in Bedford Stuyvesant. Regardless of what you typically do throughout the course of an average day, you are probably using your hands on a nearly constant basis.  Our hands are one of the main ways in which we interact […]

  • scoliosis specialist in brooklyn

    If your child has scoliosis, and you need a scoliosis specialist in Brooklyn, we can help.  This post by Dr. Gilzon, physical therapist describes how he uses conservative care and a specialized type of treatment to address this abnormal curvature of the spine. Dr. Gilzon and the specially trained therapists at Park Sports Physical Therapy […]

  • A running injury specialist in Brooklyn isn’t easy to find.  Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. As we mentioned in our last post, running injuries are common and it’s important to see a healthcare provider that specializes in running injury evaluation and treatment and understands the challenges and demands of distance runners.  Click here […]

  • If you are looking someone that specializes in the treatment of running injuries, we can help.  Our doctors of physical therapy and expert staff not only treat people with running related injuries, we are avid runners, triathletes, and competitors.  We know what you are going through…that’s what makes us the logical choice for running injury […]

  • If you just had an operation for a muscle or joint problem, then you need want to experienced clinicians that provide some of the best post surgical rehabilitation in Brooklyn. A Park Sports Physical Therapy treatment program will help shorten the road to recovery after surgery. After an injury occurs, the first thing most people […]

  • The clinicians at Park Sports Physical Therapy are experts in scoliosis treatment in Brooklyn.  Below is some information on scoliosis and how we can help. What is Scoliosis? Scoliosis  is a condition where patients present with a sideways curvature of the or backbone or spinal column.. These curves can be C-shaped, or more commonly, are […]

  • Are you looking for pediatric physical therapy in Fort Greene? If so, please read below to learn more about our specialists and services. Physical therapy for kids (pediatric PT), is a specialized service within the physical therapy profession. Just like some medical doctors specialize in pediatrics, some physical therapists (PTs) become pediatric PTs as well. Our pediatric […]