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Park Sports PT’s newest Schroth Method Specialist Irina Taranenko

At Park Sports PT, we pride ourselves on recruiting the finest physical therapists. Our team is diverse, certified and compassionate about their patients and their careers. So, we’re excited to introduce Irina Taranenko. Irina’s focus is Scoliosis and she is a certified Schroth Method therapist.

Irina is a long time resident of Brooklyn and is passionate about her city, her community and her career. Sports played a big part of Irina’s childhood. She competed on a high level in numerous individual and team sports. As a result, these experiences gave her a unique awareness of her body and her health.

It was this combination of science and movement that really appealed to Irina as she began thinking about her career. Irina decided to pursue Physical Therapy and received her DPT and Bachelors of Science degree in from Touro College in New York City with a focus on research based patient care.

irina taranenko

Struggling with Scoliosis.

Growing up, Irina struggled with scoliosis. Hence, she experienced two major surgeries and the arduous recovery from each surgery. Scoliosis quickly became a subject Irina could closely relate. Her personal experiences helped her understand the emotional challenges scoliosis presents to patients. Because of this Irina decided to obtain her C1 certification through the Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School (BSPTS) where she became a certified Schroth Therapist.

The Schroth method has recently gained more popularity in the US. As a result, method has built a strong reputation in the industry. It is known as a great way to successfully correct posture and halt curvature of the spine. The Schroth method was not readily available to Irina when she was dealing with her childhood scoliosis. Consequently, helping others with the Schroth Method became very appealing to her.

Park Sports PT Schroth Method

CLICK HERE for a detailed look into the history of the Schroth Method.

Irina specializes in the three-dimensional treatment of Scoliosis. The three dimensional approach to scoliosis deals with postural corrections to elongate the trunk and correct imbalances of the spine. The goal is to develop the inner muscles of the rib cage in order to change the shape of the upper trunk and to correct any spinal abnormalities.

Scoliosis affects 6-9 million Americans. The primary age of onset for scoliosis is 10-15 years old, occurring equally male and female. At Park Sports PT, we treat scoliosis using the Scroth Method. This specialized form of treatment has shown to greatly ease pain and improve current and potential quality of health for younger and older patients. Irina is part of our dedicated team of Park Sports Schroth specialists.

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