Treating Scoliosis with The Schroth Method

Park Sports PT Schroth Method for 67 Year Old Female

The Schroth Method for treating Scoliosis

Park Sports PT offer patients who have been diagnosed with Scoliosis a highly experienced team focused on the Schroth Method. This specialized form of treatment has shown to greatly ease pain and improve current and potential quality of health for younger and older patients.

We treat a wide variety of patients at Park Sports PT and one case involved an active 67 year old female named Abby. Abby was used to playing tennis three times a week and walking three miles per day. Pain from her scoliosis rendered these activities impossible. As a result, Abby tried conventional physical therapy on two separate occasions, both leaving her in more pain and desperate for a solution.  Consequently, these events lead her to seek the Schroth Method from Park Sports PT.

Patient Profile: Abby, 67 Year old Female

Abby met with our Schroth Method specialist Dr. Kristin Romeo. At the time of her evaluation, Abby presented with a L lumbar convexity of 42 degrees. Because of this, she was experiencing sever pain in her lower back, both hips, and pain in her neck region. She was in agony and questioned whether she would ever play tennis or walk more than a few blocks unaided again.

After conducting a thorough examination and reviewing all of Abby’s medical records pertaining to her Scoliosis, Dr. Romeo created a customized program of treatment for Abby. They met two times a week for eight weeks. After these eight weeks, Abby started to feel better. For example, she began to walk lengthy distances, first one mile, then two miles, pain free. Dr. Romeo focused on postural changes, specific breathing techniques based upon Abby’s posture and altered the way Abby sat and performed routine physical activities. By meticulously strengthening soft tissue, Abby was able to redefine and re-strengthen her posture.

As of this article, Abby is planning a tennis weekend and is confident she will be pain free.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Scoliosis, the Schroth Method might be a perfect solution for less pain and better future health. For more information on the Schroth Method, Park Sports PT, and a consultation, please visit us here.

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