Post Surgical Rehabilitation in Brooklyn

If you just had an operation for a muscle or joint problem, then you need want to experienced clinicians that provide some of the best post surgical rehabilitation in Brooklyn.

A Park Sports Physical Therapy treatment program will help shorten the road to recovery after surgery.

After an injury occurs, the first thing most people think about is recovering as quickly as possible and getting back to doing what they love.  For most injuries, physical therapy is considered the best possible option to help accomplish this goal.  Physical therapists are experts at diagnosing injuries and creating treatment programs that are personalized for each patient based on their particular condition.  The treatments they provide are also supported by countless research studies that continue to come out.

Sometimes You Need a Surgeon…then Great Post Operative Rehabilitation in Brooklyn

Not all injuries can be treated with physical therapy alone.  In some cases, a person’s injury might be too severe, or they may have already tried physical therapy and it failed to bring about any major improvements.  In these cases, surgery may be recommended as the next option.

Patients with severe osteoarthritis of the hip or knee, chronic low back pain, tears of the meniscus, ACL or Achilles tendon and many other injuries may consider surgery if their condition doesn’t improve trying after physical therapy.  These patients should carefully weigh the benefits and risks of surgery, since there is no guarantee that it will lead to a successful outcome.  If the patient decides to go through with surgery, it’s also important to realize that it may take some time to completely recover.

Once again, this is where our physical therapists can help.  One of the best possible ways to ensure a positive outcome and shorten the road to recovery is by participating in a physical therapy program after undergoing surgery.  Depending on the surgical procedure, physical therapy can begin right away or soon afterwards, and it will focus on bringing the patient back to full strength as quickly as possible.  Treatment usually includes a variety of modalities including:

  • Neuromuscular reeducation,
  • Post-tetanic stretching,
  • Hands-on mobilization,
  • Progressive strengthening exercises,
  • Functional training with a walking device if one is being used, and
  • Education on how to return to activities with a minimal risk for future injuries.

The benefits of having post-surgical physical therapy can be seen in the results of this recent study:

The study showed that patients who received both outpatient physical therapy and a home-exercise program improved in range of motion, the 6-minute walking test, and health-related quality of life. Patients who received outpatient physical therapy also had significantly fewer days from the date of surgery to physical therapy discharge.

Nobody wants to have surgery, but it may be necessary if your injury or condition is too severe.  If you find yourself in this predicament, the best way to ensure a fast and successful recovery is to follow a physical therapy program that’s created specifically for you.

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