Park Sports as a facility participates in-network with many insurance carriers. Some individual providers at our facilities may not be able to accept your insurance. In those cases, you would have a choice to see a provider Out-of-Network (OON). Svetlana Lazarev, PC is an OON provider. The process of insurance participation for small organizations as ours is arcane and complicated. Insurance"panels" for new providers are often closed. We are actively seeking to enlist our new therapists in all insurance plans. The list of our providers' participation is being updated on a regular basis.
In-network means that your provider has a contractual obligation to accept a rate determined by the insurance company. Out-of-network means that your insurance will pay what it considers a "usual, reasonable and customary" rate. The cost of seeing a provider "out-of-network" may be higher than in-network.

We intend to accommodate every patient. Our front office staff will contact your insurance company to verify your coverage and will discuss your financial responsibility prior to your visit.