Pediatric Physical Therapy in Fort Greene

Are you looking for pediatric physical therapy in Fort Greene? If so, please read below to learn more about our specialists and services. Physical therapy for kids (pediatric PT), is a specialized service within the physical therapy profession. Just like some medical doctors specialize in pediatrics, some physical therapists (PTs) become pediatric PTs as well. Our pediatric […]

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Hamstring Injury

You are probably watching the World Cup 2014. Did you notice that there are several elite players injuring their hamstring muscle in a seemingly innocuous situation? In fact, hamstring injuries are very common. It is a tear in a fleshy muscle behind the thigh. Depending on severity of a tear, the injury classified from mild […]

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Ankle Sprains

As a former competitive athlete, I sustained multiple ankle sprains. My personal experience and my knowledge acquired through my profession puts me in a good position to give an expert advice on ankle sprain. Ankle injuries has become one of the most common conditions we treat in our clinic. Several factors contributed to such an […]

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