At-Home Physical and Occupational Therapy

In home physical therapy services are now available near you if you reside in the Park Slope, Williamsburg, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights and Windsor Terrace areas of Brooklyn. Great care is used to make your convenient home health physical therapy visit entirely COVID-19-safe.

Now, if you cannot come to the Park Sports clinic nearby, you can still receive the same exceptional in-person quality care in the safety of your home.  Once you contact us, we can schedule your at-home session within 24 hours.

On this page you can learn:

The benefits of at-home care

A skilled therapist can see and work with you in your day to day environment

At your home, our top-notch specialists utilize creative methods to customize your exercise program and adapt it to your needs in your own home. An advantage for our therapists, and benefit for you, is the therapist’s ability to observe and work with you in your day to day life. What is it like to negotiate stairs inside or outside your home? What is the best way to utilize the space in your home for exercises? What are the hazards in your home that could cause a fall?  These details are of great importance in how we shape your exercise plan.

Your  therapist can provide necessary equipment

If you do not have all the necessary equipment at home a member of our clinical team will bring portable supplies, maximizing the value of your Physical Therapy session. A therapist can also help you find the most comfortable space in your home for this equipment and your exercises with it.

You will be in familiar surroundings

In Physical Therapy at your home, you can work your way back to your normal life in familiar surroundings with no other patient present during your treatment.

Your therapist, as well, becomes a familiar and friendly figure with you and your loved ones in the home.

You will be guided in an easy transition to a care at a clinic        

The same clinical team you work with at home will be present and guide you when you are ready to transition to the outpatient clinic, ensuring a continuity of care. If you do need to continue at our clinic, you will know and have trust in someone who is familiar and knows you.

Covered by insurance and Medicare Part B

Most insurance carriers cover home therapy visits.  Our friendly and diligent front office team will verify details of your coverage precisely as we do for  outpatient clinic service.

At-home care is also covered by Medicare Part B, Physical and Occupational Therapy Rehabilitative Services.  Medicare Part B states plainly that the treatment must, just as with all Physical Therapy, address functional impairments and help a patient reach a prior level of physical independence.

There is no requirement for a Medicare recipient to be “homebound” (restricted to home)or live in a “skilled nursing” (nursing home or assisted living) facility.

What services are suited for home Physical and Occupational Therapy?

At-home physical therapy is an option for many conditions. It is especially suited to situations such as:

  • Assessment of your home environment for adoptive equipment
  • Post-surgical recovery
  • Pre-surgical assessment
  • Safety and fall prevention
  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Vestibular therapy

Please call or contact us if you have questions about your own condition.

Conditions that are commonly treated  at home

Some conditions are commonly treated at home immediately following certain procedures.   These include:

  • Total hip replacement
  • Total knee replacement
  • Rotator cuff surgery
  • Shoulder arthroplasty
  • Hip arthroscopy
  • ACL reconstruction
  • Tibial plateau fracture
  • Ankle replacement
  • Ankle lower extremity fracture
  • Acute Lower Back
  • Pelvic Floor

An array of choices for treatment

At-Home service adds to the choices for treatment from Park Sports which now also include expanded hours at our clinics for safe, in-person Physical Therapy, or by telehealth on your computer screen.

The most important factor in your successful recovery is completing your course of treatment. At Park Sports, we are dedicated to making that as convenient as possible.