Here’s What You Can Expect For The New Year In Terms Of Your Insurance

Health Insurance 2018

Dear Patients,

With the new year approaching, changes to your health insurance policy may occur. These changes may affect your current payment plan.

If you have an insurance plan with deductible policies – please be aware that your accumulations will reset for the new year. This means your deductibles will have to be met again before the health plan starts covering physical therapy sessions.

If you have questions regarding the costs of your physical therapy visits for the new year, please give us a call at (718) 230-1180, and we can give you an estimated dollar amount.

If you are switching to a new insurance – please give us a call with your new policy information. We can reach out to your insurance company to verify your benefits and coverage for your convenience.

If you decide to keep your current insurance provider – please be aware that although your insurance remains the same, coverage may differ for the new year.

Unfortunately, we are not able to verify your benefits with your insurance company until the new year begins. We want to assure you that we are working to ensure you with accurate benefit information.

We strongly encourage and recommend that you call your health insurance provider to obtain benefit information for additional information.

Please call us at (718) 230-1180 or email us at if you have any questions about your insurance.


Times Fong & the Park Sports Physical Therapy Team

Times Fong
Office Manager
(718) 230-1180