Scoliosis Treatment in Brooklyn

The clinicians at Park Sports Physical Therapy are experts in scoliosis treatment in Brooklyn.  Below is some information on scoliosis and how we can help.

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis  is a condition where patients present with a sideways curvature of the or backbone or spinal column.. These curves can be C-shaped, or more commonly, are S-shaped or C-shaped. Most patient develop idiopathic scoliosis, which means there is no known cause of this diagnosis.

How is Scoliosis Diagnosed?

The diagnosis of scoliosis is the result of a healthcare practitioner performing special tests, a physical exam, taking a thorough health history, and an x-ray of the spine. If the x-ray reveals a sideways curvature of 25 degrees or more and is consistent with the health history, exam, and special tests, the diagnosis is made. X-rays also provide additional value in that they help determine the direction, location, and shape of the sideways curvature.

Who Gets Scoliosis and What is the Cause?

As mentioned above, the cause of scoliosis, in most cases, is unknown. There are two ways that healthcare experts define scoliosis:

  1. Structural – structural scoliosis is a situation where the bones of the spine become twisted and have formed a lateral curve and it is fixed or unchanged. Injuries, birth defects, infections, or diseases can cause this.
  2. Nonstructural – this is a type of curve that is temporary. Identifying the underlying cause and treating us often effective

Scoliosis with an unknown cause typically shows up in kids during the age of 10-12 but people of all ages may develop scoliosis.  Here are some patterns that are common with scoliosis:

  • Girls develop scoliosis more than boys
  • Scoliosis runs in families
  • It is rarely painful

Physical Therapist Directed Scoliosis Treatment in Brooklyn – It’s Our Specialty

Clinical research has demonstrated that exercise therapy can improve a scoliosis patient’s strength, endurance, and lung function. There is controversy as to whether exercise can slow or even reverse scoliosis. There is some evidence that a specific exercise approach as outlined here in this case study. As such, several of our physical therapists have been trained in the Schroth Method here in Brooklyn.

The Schroth Method is defined as follows (reference:

Schroth Exercises are customized exercises for the patient’s scoliosis deformity.

The method teaches patients how to:

  • Correct spinal rotation and increase lung capacity with a rotational breathing technique.
  • Help restore normal spinal position with pelvic corrections, breathing technique, and stabilizing isometric contractions.
  • Improve posture during routine daily living, not just during therapy.

Try Physical Therapy/The Schroth Method Before Aggressive Treatments

Treatment for scoliosis is medical observation, bracing, and in severe cases, surgery. Before aggressive, invasive treatment, it makes sense to try a conservative, natural treatment approach.

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