Irene Hernandez, DPT & Pelvic Floor Therapist


  • Pelvic Floor Therapy for men and women.
  • Pilates-based Physical Therapy.
  • Hypopressive Method – used to help post-natal women prevent and/or recover from pelvic floor dysfunction (incontinence, prolapse).
  • Iyengar yoga instructor.


Park Sports Physical Therapy – Park Slope
142 Prospect Park West
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Irene started her professional career as a software engineer. Her own difficulties with back, pelvic pain, and scoliosis led her to become a teacher in the Iyengar yoga method and later a Somatic movement practitioner in the school of Body Mind Centering.

As she started being more involved in using yoga to help people with pain, her passion for this work became clear, and eventually she decided to switch professions and obtain a degree in physical therapy.

She earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy with honors from Universidad Europea de Madrid, in Spain, as well as continuing education courses in manual therapy, rehabilitation based in Pilates, and the Hypopressive method. Her own experience with pelvic pain led her to decide to specialize in this type of physical therapy.

She obtained a postgraduate degree in Physical Therapy in Urogynecology from Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, in Spain, and dedicated herself fully to this field, in Madrid. In January 2016, she accepted a job offer in New York as a pelvic floor physical therapist.

Irene brings over 3 years of experience in the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction in men and women. She has continued education in the US with the Barral Institute to hone in her skills in visceral mobilization.

Irene enjoys bringing elements of her background in yoga and body-mind awareness into the therapeutic process to help patients improve body awareness, and understand how different factors such as activity, posture, emotions, etc, may cause or aggravate their symptoms, and how to introduce therapeutic changes in daily life.

Why did you want to become a pelvic floor therapist?

I have a long history of pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction since childhood. I had one session back in 2000 while I was still a software engineer in San Francisco. I was introduced by a friend to a pelvic floor physical therapist from Germany who was visiting, and it changed my life because I understood for the first time ever what was possible! It had never occurred to me before that my symptoms of pain and incontinence were “fixable” in any way, I thought it was “I” who was like that, and there was nothing that could be done. My work in pelvic floor physical therapy gives me a great sense of being present in my life. I do what I love. I am involved in it as a full person, and the opportunity to become better and continuing to learn seems, still to this day, a dream come true.

Patient Testimonials

I came to Irene needing help. After weeks of aches and irritation associated with the condition, diet modifications and stretches and other attempts to alleviate the discomfort and pain, and heavy research into the problem, I learned about chronic male pelvic floor pain and began to suspect it as a cause. With some trepidation, I booked an appointment with Irene and I’m so glad I did. Within a matter of months my symptoms had substantially improved, and she had taught me a whole host of exercises and techniques to use at home to supplement her therapy and continue to long-term maintenance process. She also helped de-mystify the complex relationships between posture, muscles, exercise stress and the male pelvic floor. She approaches her craft with veteran skill, a foundation in body mechanics, warmth and humor. This treatment can be delicate and uncomfortable, but Irene is calm, gentle, matter-of-fact and methodical about her work, thereby making the atmosphere a relaxed one. I am in debt to Irene for how she has helped me and feel so lucky to have found her.

Chris W.

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