Alex Ariza – Marketing and Public Relations

Alex Ariza graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2009 majoring in Illustration and Graphic Design.

Since beginning his career in online marketing back in 2010, Alex has helped many medical and dental practices connect with patients and establish positive relationships within their communities.

Alex is driven to change the way people experience the medical office. His goal is putting the patient’s experience first and help practices improve the healthcare industry one clinic at a time.

At Park Sports Physical Therapy, Alex aims to build long-lasting relationships with the residents of Brooklyn by organizing educational workshops, participating in health fairs, and developing a strong online presence dedicated to educating the public of the benefits of physical therapy, exercise, and sharing patient stories to motivate and inspire others to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Outside of marketing and public relations, he enjoys weightlifting, learning Spanish, and public speaking. He is a member of Long Island University’s Toastmasters.

Park Sports Physical Therapy is always open to collaborations and making new connections. Call us at 718.230.1180 and ask for Alex Ariza to inquire about our educational workshops, setting up doctor introductions, press, and other marketing related opportunities. Connect with Alex Ariza via LinkedIn.