Spine Service

Current research brought to light the importance of core stability and control in preserving back health and our approach to treatment of low back pain has been informed by this knowledge. There are many ways to go about exercising the abdominal musculature Our physical therapists utilize Pilates apparatus or mat exercises, bio-feedback, and stability challenging tools to develop the necessary core control and endurance. Although the focus is on active approach to treatment, therapists might also use manual therapy techniques and / or modalities, such as heat and electrical stimulation.

Boris Gilzon, Director of Park Sports Physical Therapy, took special interest in treatment of the spinal disorders. He studied spinal mobilization (manual therapy) techniques with Stanley Paris (of St. Augustine's University for Health Sciences) as well as McKenzie Method.

Boris puts his knowledge to work helping patients at Spine Service at Hospital for Joint Diseases in Manhattan and Spine and Arthritis Center in Brooklyn.